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The Online OSHA Confined Space Entry Training  Course for General Industry offered on our website is the training course you need if you work in or around confined spaces. This includes training for entrants, entry supervisors, attendants, and even rescue personnel. Make no mistake, this is not one of those short "awareness-level" courses that are offered on those other training providers' websites. This is a comprehensive confined space entry training course that will take a total of six to eight hours to complete. However, you do not have to complete this training all at one sitting; you have the option of logging in and out of the course whenever you want. There are no prerequisites required to take the online confined space training course. 

Who Should Take the Online Confined Space Entry Training Course for General Industry?

The OSHA permit-required confined space entry standard found at OSHA 29 CFR 1910.146 requires workers involved with all phases of entry into permit-required confined spaces receive training. Workers must also receive additional training or instruction from their employer, where needed, to cover their site-specific policies and procedures as well as any instruction that may be needed on the company's tools and equipment used during confined space entry work conducted at their work site.

Online Confined Space Training for General Industry

How the Online Confined Space Training Course for General Industry Works

This online confined space training course is designed to be taken by one trainee. Companies and organizations wishing to have multiple people take our online confined space entry course must purchase a separate course for each trainee (contact us for group discount rates if you have multiple trainees to register). Trainees will be able to begin training within a matter of minutes after they are registered for their online confined space training course. To make sure the trainee is at the computer throughout the course, the student is prompted to click an arrow to advance through the course each time a section is completed. The course is also narrated, so the student must use a computer equipped with speakers or they must plug in headphones or ear-buds so they can hear the narration. 

One of the major benefits of taking our online training course is the trainee may log out of their online training course at any time during their training session, and can log back in later to resume training where they left off, even from a different computer or tablet. Students are allotted up to six full months to complete their course, but they can certainly complete it much quicker (even in a single day) since the course is available for them to take 24/7/365.

Online Confined Space Entry Training for General Industry Course Outline

This course addresses the following topics, plus more:

  • Evolution of early confined space entry standards
  • OSHA's various confined space entry standards and related standards
  • Basic requirements for all employers
  • Identifying permit-required confined spaces (and non-permit spaces)
  • Atmospheric hazards and non-atmospheric hazards
  • Elements of a permit-required confined space entry program
  • Reclassifying permit spaces as non-permit spaces
  • OSHA's alternate entry procedures
  • Information Required on Entry Permits
  • Duties of entrants, attendants, and entry supervisors
  • Requirements for rescue and emergency services
  • Monitoring atmospheric hazards
  • Ventilation
  • Exam
Course Quizzes and Final Test

There is a short quiz (5 or fewer questions) at the end of each module, as well as a final test at the end of the course (approximately 20 questions). The trainee must make at least 80% to pass each quiz and final test, and is allotted up to three times to take and pass each quiz/test. The quizzes and test are not designed to be difficult, but rather are necessary to help ensure the trainee is actively participating in their online confined space entry training course. To help trainees retain knowledge about confined space-related topics, they are provided with a free PDF study guide they can print out for use during their course and the quizzes/test as part of their course materials (click the "Materials" tab on the menu located within the course player to access your free study guide). 

Proof of Course Completion

Upon successful completion of the online confined space entry training course, participants will be able to immediately print their personalized certificate of completion to prove they took the course. This will suffice to prove you completed this online confined space training course.

To print your personalized temporary certificate at the end of your course, just click the "Next" arrow when you complete the training course. Then close this window and return to your "My Courses" page. Then "REFRESH" your "My Courses" page to update the information. Then click the "Print Certificate" link below the course title to view and print out your personalized completion certificate for this general industry confined space entry training course.

Customer / Student Support

Questions about Sales and the course in general can be handled by calling OSHA Training Services Inc, at 1-877-771-6742, or by submitting the Training Request form (Click Here).

Technical support is available to students from the 360training customer service department. They can be reached 24/7 by email (, or by phone (1-877-881-2235). 

Course Fee - Only $159

The online confined space entry training course costs just $159. This includes the free PDF study guide you can print out. However, group discount rates are available if your company or organization has at least 5 people to register. Contact us for discount rates.

How to Register for the Online Confined Space Entry Training Course

Click the link below to register for your online confined space training course.

Companies or organizations who have multiple students can register each student themselves, or you may contact us for free registration services as well as to check on discounted rates for having 5 or more trainees to register. 


You may call 1-877-771-6742 to speak with our representative if you have questions or need help registering for the online confined space training course.



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Online Confined Space Training for General Industry
    • Easy registration
    • Start your course immediately (or later if you prefer)
    • Train at your own pace
    • Log in and out from different computers / devices
    • Print your confined space training certificate when completed


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