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OSHA 10 Hour Training – Construction

Make sure Your OSHA 10-hour Construction Trainer is Authorized

There is no official certification required to teach most OSHA training classes. However, you must make certain that on site OSHA 10-hour construction training classes are conducted by a trainer who is officially authorized to conduct this OSHA course. The trainer must first complete two OSHA trainer classes, plus a refresher course when required, conducted at one of the OSHA Education centers located around the country. You can confirm their status as a currently authorized OSHA 10-hour Outreach trainer by asking to look at their credentials proving they completed the following trainer courses.

OSHA 10-hour construction industry trainers must successfully complete the OSHA 510 course, followed by the OSHA 500 course. This qualifies the trainer to conduct OSHA 10-hour construction training for a four-year period. To maintain their status as an authorized OSHA Outreach 10-hour trainer for construction, they must complete the OSHA 502 trainer update course every four years.

Be assured that our trainers who conduct on-site 10 hour OSHA construction training classes are authorized OSHA Outreach trainers. Scroll down to request a training proposal for an OSHA 10 hour construction class conducted at your site.

OSHA 10 hour construction training class

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10-hour OSHA Construction Training Course Overview

The OSHA 10 hour construction training course is intended to provide construction workers with a basic knowledge of the most common safety and health hazards found on many construction sites, and methods they can use to avoid those hazards. The OSHA 10 hour construction training course also provides students with an overview of how the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) operates, and how employee rights are protected under the OSH Act of 1970. There are no prerequisites required to take the OSHA 10-hour construction training class.

The OSHA 10 hour training course in construction standards was created by OSHA. Our OSHA authorized trainers will conduct this 10-hour training class for a group of workers in a classroom setting (usually spread over two consecutive days). This 10 hour OSHA construction class is based on the federal OSHA 1926 construction standards. We also address state-specific OSHA requirements, where applicable.

We will conduct the OSHA 10-hour training course for construction at your worksite for a group of eight or more students. Training can be conducted in English or in Spanish. All trainees for the on site class receive handouts, note packet, and personalized certificate of completion. Trainees who successfully complete their OSHA 10 hour construction training class also receive an official DOL / OSHA 10 hour construction training wallet card. The OSHA 10-hour construction training wallet cards, which are now made of plastic and are much more durable than the old paper cards, are accepted in all 50 states and the US territories (usually takes just 2 weeks for their card to be processed and delivered).

Click the button below to request a proposal for an on site OSHA 10 hour construction training class for your group. This training is accepted in all 50 states, DC, and the US territories.

Mandatory Topics covered in the OSHA 10-hour Construction Class

This list of mandatory topics for the 10-hour class take approximately seven hours to complete.

Additional, optional topics for remaining class time

To fill out the rest of the class, you can select from the following optional topics:

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Mandatory OSHA 10 hour construction training requirements / States and Municipalities

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