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Ionizing Radiation

OSHA Training Requirements - Ionizing Radiation

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1910.1096 – Ionizing Radiation

(f) – “Immediate evacuation warning signal.”

(viii) All employees whose work may necessitate their presence in an area covered by the signal shall be made familiar with the actual sound of the signal-preferably as it sounds at their work location. Before placing the system into operation, all employees normally working in the area shall be made acquainted with the signal by actual demonstration at their work locations.

(i) – “Instruction of personnel, posting.”

(2) – All individuals working in or frequenting any portion of a radiation area shall be informed of the occurrence of radioactive materials or of radiation in such portions of the radiation area; shall be instructed in the safety problems associated with exposure to such materials or radiation and in precautions or devices to minimize exposure; shall be instructed in the applicable provisions of this section for the protection of employees from exposure to radiation or radioactive materials; and shall be advised of reports of radiation exposure which employees may request pursuant to the regulations in this section.

(3) – Each employer to whom this section applies shall post a current copy of its provisions and a copy of the operating procedures applicable to the work conspicuously in such locations as to insure that employees working in or frequenting radiation areas will observe these documents on the way to and from their place of employment, or shall keep such documents available for examination of employees upon request.

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