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Helicopters (for material handling)

OSHA Training Requirements - Helicopters (for material handling)

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1910.183 – Helicopters (for material handling)

(b) – Briefing. Prior to each day’s operation a briefing shall be conducted. This briefing shall set forth the plan of operation for the pilot and ground personnel.

(m) – Visibility. Ground personnel shall be instructed and the employer shall ensure that when visibility is reduced by dust or other conditions, they shall exercise special caution to keep clear of main and stabilizing rotors. Precautions shall also be taken by the employer to eliminate, as far as practical, the dust or other conditions reducing the visibility.

(n) – Signal systems. The employer shall instruct the aircrew and ground personnel on the signal systems to be used and shall review the system with the employees in advance of hoisting the load. This applies to both radio and hand signal systems. Hand signals, where used, shall be as shown in Figure N-1.

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