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Grain Handling Facilities

OSHA Training Requirements - Grain Handling Facilities

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1910.272 – Grain Handling Facilities

(d) – Emergency action plan. The employer shall develop and implement an emergency action plan meeting the requirements contained in 29 CFR 1910.38.

(e)(1) – Training. –  The employer shall provide training to employees at least annually and when changes in job assignment will expose them to new hazards. Current employees, and new employees prior to starting work, shall be trained in at least the following:

(i) General safety precautions associated with the facility, including recognition and preventive measures for the hazards related to dust accumulations and common ignition sources such as smoking; and,

(ii) Specific procedures and safety practices applicable to their job tasks including but not limited to, cleaning procedures for grinding equipment, clearing procedures for choked legs, housekeeping procedures, hot work procedures, preventive maintenance procedures and lock-out/tag-out procedures.

(e)(2) Employees assigned special tasks, such as bin entry and handling of flammable or toxic substances, shall be provided training to perform these tasks safely.

Note to paragraph (e)(2): Training for an employee who enters grain storage structures includes training about engulfment and mechanical hazards and how to avoid them.

(f)(2) – The permit shall certify that the requirements contained in 1910.252(a) have been implemented prior to beginning the hot work operations. The permit shall be kept on file until completion of the hot work operations.

(g)(5) – The employee acting as observer shall be trained in rescue procedures, including notification methods for obtaining additional assistance.

(i)(1) – Contractors – The employer shall inform contractors performing work at the grain handling facility of known potential fire and explosion hazards related to the contractor’s work and work area. The employer shall also inform contractors of the applicable safety rules of the facility.

(i)(2) – The employer shall explain the applicable provisions of the emergency action plan to contractors.

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