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Fire Protection – 1926 Construction

OSHA Construction Training Requirements - FIRE PROTECTION

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1926.150 – Fire Protection

(a)(5) – As warranted by the project, the employer shall provide a trained and equipped firefighting organization (Fire Brigade) to assure adequate protection to life.

(c)(1)(viii) – Portable fire extinguishers shall be inspected periodically and maintained in accordance with Maintenance and Use of Portable Fire Extinguishers, NFPA No. 10A-1970.

From ANSI/NFPA Standard 10A-1970: “The owner or occupant of a property in which fire extinguishers are located has an obligation for the care and use of these extinguishers at all times. By doing so, he is contributing to the protection of life and property. The nameplate(s) and instruction manual should be read and thoroughly understood by all persons who may be expected to use extinguishers.

“1120. To discharge this obligation he should give proper attention to the inspection, maintenance, and recharging of this fire protective equipment. He should also train his personnel in the correct use of fire extinguishers on the different types of fires which may occur on his property.

“3020. Persons responsible for performing maintenance operations come from three major groups:

– Trained industrial safety or maintenance personnel;

– Extinguisher service agencies;

– Individual owners (e.g., self-employed. . . .).”

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