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If you need OSHA training in Albuquerque NM or the surrounding area, you are in the right place!  OSHA Training Services Inc. offers employers the training resources needed to help them meet OSHA training requirements . Click on the link below for the class you need to obtain a quote for an on site OSHA training class:

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Regulation of OSHA Training in Albuquerque NM

Who regulates worker safety in Albuquerque NM? If you are an employer (public or private), be aware that the State of New Mexico operates an approved State OSHA program. The New Mexico state plan was initially approved on December 10, 1975, and received state plan certification on December 4, 1984. Therefore, your OSHA training class will need to incorporate NM OSHA regulations, where applicable. OSHA Training Services Inc. can provide that training for you at your site if you have a group in need of a class. See their contact information on the right side of this page, or just call 1-877-771-6742.

OSHA Training Albuquerque

Regulations and Standards

New Mexico adopts amendments to incorporated federal standards, by reference. These become enforceable the date they are available on the OSHA website. New Mexico has also adopted the following unique State standards.

  • Public Sector Firefighting
  • Convenience Stores
  • Field Sanitation
  • Short-Handled Hoes

These standards are available on the New Mexico Environment Department's Regulations website.


The New Mexico OHSB exercises jurisdiction for all private and public sector employers and employees in Albuquerque and throughout the rest of the state of New Mexico except for maritime industries (long shoring, ship building, and ship breaking); mining operations; Federal civilian employees; employment on military bases, Indian reservations, or areas of exclusive Federal jurisdiction; and U.S. Postal Service employees.

New Mexico OSHA Information

The New Mexico Occupational Health and Safety Bureau (OHSB) is a part of the New Mexico Environment Department. The bureau's main office is located in Santa Fe, with satellite offices in Albuquerque and Las Cruces. The OHSB headquarters is located at 525 Camino de los Marquez, Suite 3, Santa Fe, NM 87505. 

Other Resources

State of New Mexico OSHA Poster

Disclaimer:  This information was originally obtained from the Federal OSHA website. OSHA Training Services Inc. makes every effort to ensure that the information on this page is accurate and up to date, but changes in state law and procedures affecting the information on this page are beyond our control. Contact state program staff directly to verify important information regarding OSHA training in Albuquerque NM.