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Figuring out which OSHA training requirements apply to your operations is tough. And trying to find information on the Federal OSHA website is not the most user-friendly experience in the world. But we are here to help meet your needs by providing you with OSHA training information and resources that are easy to find and use!

This OSHA training website was developed by the Certified Safety Professionals at OSHA Training Services Inc. to help you locate the OSHA training requirements that apply to your operations. We also help businesses, organizations, and interested individuals by providing the OSHA training classes you need, including all the standard OSHA training courses like the OSHA 10-hour and OSHA 30-hour Outreach training courses for construction and general industry, confined space entry training for construction and general industry, competent person training for trenching and excavations, and a whole lot more.

You will also find many other OSHA compliance training resources, such as safety training DVD's and videos, free toolbox talks every month, and free online OSHA training tutorials. You can also take our online OSHA training courses, read our very popular monthly OSHA training blog, purchase all of your mandatory OSHA labor law posters, get a customize written safety manual for your specific industry, and see the array of safety equipment that is offered through our online OSHA Compliance Store.


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General Industry    |    Construction Industry


On Site OSHA Training

If you have a group in need of an on site OSHA training class, get a proposal from an OSHA-authorized Outreach trainer.  OSHA 10 hour and 30 hour classes in construction and general industry, competent person training for excavations, and confined space entry training are among the classes offered.


Safety DVD's and Videos

Do-it-yourself safety trainers can select from our available OSHA training videos and DVD's. These up-to-date training aids keep the attention of your trainees, and when supplemented with site-specific training and information about company policies and procedures, you can meet OSHA's training requirements.


Online OSHA Courses

The quickest way to train and get on to the job! Begin training immediately, log in and out at your pace, print your online certificate immediately upon completion. All from the comfort of your office or home. OSHA 10-hour, OSHA 30-hour, HAZWOPER and a Confined Space Entry Training course all available for immediate use.



                                            Online OSHA Training Courses                                         

Online OSHA training courses are the quickest way to get started, and finished, with your OSHA training class. Register and start training right away, log in and out at your own pace, and print your certificate as soon as you are finished - it's that easy!  We have a wide selection of online OSHA training courses,  including 10 & 30-hour construction and general industry courses, 40, 24, and 8 hour HazWoper training courses, confined space entry training courses for general industry and construction, environmental training courses, and more.


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  OSHA 10 Hour Construction Training Course             OSHA 10 Hour General Industry Training Course  

      OSHA 30 Hour Construction Training Course             OSHA 30 Hour General Industry Training Course     

  40 Hour Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response Training             24 Hour HazMat First Responder Course

               Confined Space Entry Training General Industry       Confined Spaces in Construction Training  - NEW!

  Environmental Specialist Certification Training Course             Certified Mold Inspector Course 

 Fall Protection Training Advanced             Forklift Operator Training Course


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                                    On Site OSHA Classes Conducted At Your Site                                   

Have an OSHA-authorized Outreach trainer come to your site and conduct a class for your group of trainees. 10 and 30-hour OSHA courses, confined space training, and excavation competent person training courses available.

(CLICK ON THE TITLE of any OSHA training class below to see more details about the course and to request a proposal for an on site class.)

  OSHA 10-hour general industry classroom training             OSHA 10-hour construction classroom training 

      OSHA 30-hour general industry classroom training             OSHA 30-hour construction classroom training     

  Confined Space Entry General Industry Training Class             Confined Spaces in Construction Training Class

Competent Person Training Class



                                      Video and DVD Safety Training Kits                                       

Train your employees in-house using our DVD and VHS-based training kits. Come with leaders guide, handouts and sign-in sheets. So many topics available, most can be purchased in English and Spanish! Look below to see the most popular OSHA training videos and DVD's available. 

(CLICK ON THE TITLE of any OSHA training video / DVD below to see more info and pricing)

   Safety Training Video DVD - Aerial Boomlift Operator Training             Safety Training Video DVD - Asbestos Awareness Training 

       Safety Training Video DVD - Bloodborne Pathogens Training             Safety Training Video DVD - Confined Space Entry Training     

  Safety Training Video DVD - Fall Protection Training             Safety Training Video DVD - Forklift Operator Training

  Safety Training Video DVD - Hazard Communications GHS Training             Safety Training Video DVD - Hearing Conservation

  Safety Training Video DVD - Portable Ladder Training             Safety Training Video DVD - Lead Awareness Training

  Safety Training Video DVD - Lockout Tagout Training             Safety Training Video DVD - OSHA Injury Illness Recordkeeping

    Safety Training Video DVD - Personal Protective Equipment PPE Training             Safety Training Video DVD - Respiratory Protection Training   

    Safety Training Video DVD - Scaffolding Training             Safety Training Video DVD - Scissorlift Operator Training   


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